Understanding Invasives

Presented by Lantana Working Group: Avik Ray, Tarsh Thekaekara, Ramesh Kannan, Dr. A J T Johnsingh and Geetha Ramaswami

Invasive species have entered and altered our worlds in unimaginable ways. Over the past century or so, our understanding of invasive species has oscillated between two key ideas – species as “riders or drivers” of environmental change. Yet, the way we monitor, manage and adapt to invasives, seldom utilize theory. In two sessions, this workshop aims at synthesising what we know about invasive species, their management and human adaptation to invasions, followed by a brief introduction to the tools that can be used to improve our understanding of invasive species. Talks and speakers to be announced. Avik Ray, Madhura Niphadkar and Tarsh Thekaekara ¬†would demonstrate the use of molecular, remote sensing/GIS and niche modelling tools in understanding the spread and distribution of invasive species. This workshop will deal only with invasive plants and illustrative examples would be mostly those of Lantana camara.


Lantana Working Group:
Avik Ray
Tarsh Thekaekara
Ramesh Kannan
Dr. A J T Johnsingh
Geetha Ramaswami