Walk the wild side (with your best foot forward): forge your indispensable social and inter-personal tool-kit as a conservation scientist

Presented by Shilpi Sarkar

Conducted by Shilpi Sarkar, IndiaBioScience and Suvro’s Goodlife Tutorials : http://www.indiabioscience.org/; http://suvrosgoodlifetutorials.weebly.com/

Workshop Overview:

The workshop will focus on forging the essential ‘social tool-kit’ of the conservation scientist. The aim is to arm our participants with the required awareness that gives them an edge during grantsmanship, communication with various stakeholders (funding agencies, forest managers, community members), implementation of conservation projects and communication of findings.

Our participating conservation scientists will explore their team building skills, leadership skills, inter-personal skills through the course of this workshop. They will be taken on a tour into the world of effective cross-cultural communication, the respective do-s and don’ts and the ‘whys’, and the tips and techniques of self-presentation. The workshop will also focus on strengthening the personal core of our conservation scientists for the times when the ‘going gets tough’.


Shilpi Sarkar


Capacity: 30 Students