Student Posters 2017

Schedule of Student Posters




Day 2 : 22nd September (16:50h - 18:00h)
Poster ID Poster Title Presenter Name Day total
A1 Assessing the impacts of rail and road project in biodiversity conservation in Chitwan National Park, Nepal Dipesh Kumar Sharma
A2 History, Location, and Species Matter: Insights for Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation from India Sahila Kudalkar
A3 Assessing Peoples’ Willingness to Pay for Ecosystem Goods and Services (A Case Study of Panchase Protected Forest, Nepal) Dayaram Pandey
A4 How has Tamhini Ghat Changed? Comparing Butterfly Populations across two decades in a threatened landscape. Shawn Dsouza
A5 Sloth Bear Habitat and Corridors in Fragmented Forests of Vindhyan Range in district Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh Debadityo Sinha
A6 DNA forensics in combating food frauds: a case study from China in identifying canned meat labeled as deer origin. Neha Singh
A7 Trash on the menu: Patterns of animal visitation and foraging behavior at garbage dumps Gitanjali Rajeshwar Katlam
A8 Wintering Crane population in Ghed area of Gujarat and its significance to the farmers Dhaval Vargiya
A9 Troubled waters: the case of temporary water bodies in Western Maharashtra Sneha Shashikant Shirse
A10 A preliminary investigation of roadkill animals on National Highway-37 due to vehicular collision in Kaziranga National Park Somoyita Sur
A11 The impact of harvest of Vatica lanceaefolia on its population structure and regeneration pattern in the Upper Brahmaputra Valley, India Pranjal Mahananda
A12 Assessing dependency of the local communities on the habitat of a vulnerable pheasant in Daranghati Wildlife Sanctuary, Himachal Pradesh. Vikas Verma
A13 A Study on Traditional Hunting Practice and Bushmeat Consumption in Nagaland, India. Sayan Banerjee
A14 Butterfly Diversity across the human impact gradient in PCMC (Pune) Maharashtra Dnyaneshwar Vasant Doke
A15 Assessment of sloth bear – human interactions around Bhimgad WLS, Karnataka Hanuman Tulsidas Gawas
A16 Studies on ecological, economical and sociological impacts of Pterygoplichthys spp. in Cauvery and Vaigai river basins of Tamilnadu, south India Mohan Raj Rajasekaran
A17 Genetic connectivity of Tigers (Panthera tigris) in Malenad Tiger landscape, Karnataka, India. Abhinav Tyagi
A18 Habitat Urbanization and its Effects on Birds: Case study at Happy Valley Layout, South Bangalore, Karnataka, India Ashwini R
A20 Understanding and conserving the fragnmented urban ecosystem of PCMC through bird diversity studies Preeti Lalbahadur Kori
A21 Investigation of lichen density and diversity as an indicator of air pollution in selected locations in Colombo district, Sri Lanka Dilani Rachitra Kalavila Vithanage
A22 Status of the Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus) in the Jaffna Peninsula and Adjacent Islands, Sri Lanka. Packiyanathan Rajkumar


Day 3 : 23rd September (16:50h - 18:00h)
Poster ID Poster Title Presenter Name Day total
B1 Morphological deformities in Anurans found in paddy fields, Manimuthuru, TN Amit Anant Hegde
B2 An Inventory on Herpetofauna from Gingee Hills, Eastern-Ghats, Southern India Karthik P
B3 Avifaunal diversity and implications for conservation of two sites along an elevational gradient in North Bengal, India Ritobroto Chanda
B4 The unbroken communal web: Exploratory analyses of food-webs using stable isotope analysis in freshwater ecosystems in two ecoregions of India Rubina Mondal
B5 Changing Ecologies Shifting Behaviours: Behavioural responses of lion-tailed macaques Macaca silenus to a matrix of anthropogenic habitats in southern India Ashni Kumar Dhawale
B6 Assessment of genetic-diversity and population-structure of Barilius barna (Hamilton, 1822) in the sub-Himalayan Teesta River of northern West Bengal, India. Ajoy Paul
B7 Urbanization and endemism: Variation of endemic bird species composition along an urbanization gradient Supun Sewwandika Galappaththi
B8 Seed germination behavior of an important endemic rainforest understory species Ardisia gardneri Clarke. from Sri Lanka Boraluwa Ralalage Chandima Prabodani Samarasinghe
B9 Succession dynamics of native forests in Eucalyptus plantations: insights from decadal observations in the Southern Western Ghats, India Vignesh Kamath
B10 Preliminary evalution of the effect of air pollution on lichen diversity Watalabbe Gamaralalage Duleeka Indeewaree Gunawardana
B11 Beautification- A Threat to Insects. Nikhil Ulhas Joshi
B12 The Impact of Lantana Camara Establishment on the Floral and Avifaunal Communities of the Mid Himalayas in Himachal Pradesh Shruti Gupta
B13 Examining conservation-livelihood dilemmas in the Great Himalayan National Park: A repeat study of a 'successful' ICDP initiative Priyanka Singh
B14 Bambusa bambos dominance alters Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungal community in Intermediate Zone forests in Moragaahakanda, Sri Lanka. Millangoda Gedara Uthpala Amandanee Millangoda
B15 Understanding functional traits of medicinal plants under changing environment: A meta-analysis approach for realising impacts of climate change Rupali Sharma
B16 The Effect of Different Elevation to Mammal Diversity in Gunung Bodang Ristika Putri Istanti
B17 Urbanization and Conservation: Two Aspects from Avian Diversity and Distribution Mapping According to Microhabitats Bibhu Prasad Panda
B18 A Preliminary Survey and Conservation Status of Flora in Bambarella, Knuckles Forest Range in Sri Lanka Asanka Ravinatha Godakanda
B19 Spatiotemporal niche partitioning by common birds in and around Rajgir Wildlife Sanctuary Dibyendu Biswas
B20 Bird Community Structure of Hardwood forests of Kalesar, Haryana, India Purnendu Sardar
B21 Large herbivore dung insect communities and their role in cycling of nutrients Ekta Chaudhary
B22 Reconciling folks and forests using stakeholder analysis in Western Terai Arc Landscape (WTAL), India Sakshi Rana Rana
B23 Importance of a botanical garden within Sri Lanka’s biodiversity hotspot: Butterfly species diversity, abundance and role in conservation Udari Hansika Peiris
B24 Spatial variation of waterbirds in Mandaitivu and Kavutharimunai in the Jaffna Peninsula, Sri Lanka Kandasamy Gajavathany


Day 4 : 24th September (11:50h - 13:00h) 
Poster ID Poster Title Presenter Name Day total
C1 Mate Sampling and patchy resource: A study in Zebrafish model Aditya Ghoshal
C2 Floral volatiles with color cues from Solena amplexicaulis (Cucurbitaceae) plants causing attraction of Aulacophora foveicollis (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) Amarnath Karmakar
C3 Selection of Macro-level Land Characteristics of Nest Sites by the White-bellied Sea-eagle in the Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra. Orvill Jude Nazareth
C4 Activity budgets and temperature effects of a Dusky toque macaque troop (Macaca sinica aurifrons) inhabiting Peradeniya University land, Sri Lanka Lakshani Sewwandi Weerasekara
C5 Building mud castles: a perspective from brick-laying termites Nikita Zachariah
C6 A taxonomic survey of Moss Flora in Hanthana Mountain Range as an initiative for conserving bryoflora in Sri Lanka Eeriyawala Hewage Chinthani Malsha Eeriyawala
C7 Species distribution modelling of threatened Yellow-throated Bulbul Ashish Jha
C8 Does molecular phylogenetic analysis reveal the occurrence of new Asparagus species in Sri Lanka? A. W. Rajakaruna Rathnayake Mudiyanselage Rasanwada Wijesundara
C9 Nest-laying Landscape Characteristic of Javan-Hawk Eagle (Nisaetus bartelsi) in Mount Halimun-Salak National Park Area Irhammaula Ario Mulyaputra
C10 Feeding preferences and monthly availability of frog-biting mosquitoes in Sri Lanka Chathurani Ekanayake Ekanayake
C11 Mosquito Vectors of Wild Birds in Sri Lanka Wadiyagoda Gedara Dilan Chathuranga
C12 A field experiment to understand the effect of Acacia and Eucalyptus leaf litter on M.ornata tadpole life-history and survivorship Deepak Arvind Chavan
C13 Population Estimation and Habitat Analysis of Makassar Tarsier (Tarsius fuscus) In Karaenta District, Bantimurung-Bulusaraung National Park, South Sulawesi Dhika Ananda Pratama
C14 Investigation of current status and occurrence of species of the family Zingiberaceae in Sri Lanka Galamangoda Guruge Nilanka Dulani Silva
C15 Habitat Use of Leopard, and Dhole in a Human Dominated Large Mammal Corridor in the Wester Ghats,India Akshata Pravin Karnik
C16 Foraging ecology of the Green Cat Snake (Boiga cyanea) in the dry evergreen forests of Sakaerat Environmental Research Station, Thailand Natalia Anji D'souza
C17 Identification, Abundance and Distribution of Two Scorpion Species in Kandy and Matale Districts, Sri Lanka Sewwandi Uttara Kumari Wijesuriya
C18 Drivers of Stress and Reproductive Hormones among Captive Red-Panda in North-eastern India Aamir Sohel Khan
C19 Spatial ecology of Ophiophagus hannah in human dominated landscapes in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand Cameron Wesley Hodges
C20 Can snow leopards persist in a multi-use landscape? Aditya Shekhar Malgaonkar
C21 Importance of microclimatic conditions within the rock crevices for the threatened endemic frog Nannophrys marmorata Uvini Indula Senanayake
C22 Behavior of endemic, endangered frog, Fejervaryagreeniiin a tropical montane cloud forest of Sri Lanka Meegamage Chamara Prabhath
C23 Microhabitat preference of endemic, endangered Black-cheek lizard (Calotes nigrilabris) in the grasslands of Horton Plains National Park in Sri Lanka Jayasekara Dulan Pathum
C24 Nest-site selection and nest characteristics of Eumyias sordidus in the tropical montane cloud forests and surrounding habitats, Sri Lanka. Sanjaya Chathuranga Dharmarathne