Telling Tales: Storytelling at SCCS

Storytellers tell their tales at the SCCS Bengaluru, 2018

Telling Tales Schedule

The session will take place from 27th - 29th Sep (17:45h - 18:00h)
27th September 

Arkajyoti Shome 
Nishant Srinivasan 

28th September 
Bhavya George 
Uma Ramakrishnan 

29th September 
Anu Keerthana
Nishanth S Gurva 


We at SCCS are looking for storytellers who want share their personal stories and experiences that show that conservation is not all doom and gloom. SCCS felt there was a need to bring to the forefront the positive stories: field experiences, moments that had an impact, the joy of the hard-won victories both big and small, the fun field experiences, the sudden moments of insight, a breakthrough, the unexpected encounters, instances of courage and kindness, and the majesty of landscapes and seascapes.

We are inviting applications for Telling Tales – a storytelling initiative. Telling Tales was born out of a need to address the fact that so much conversation about conservation can be heavy and existential. It’s hard not to get overwhelmed!  

If you think you have a story or experience you would like to share at the conference, please send it to us. Any one of the following formats is acceptable:


Selection process and presentation:

We will select up to six stories. Each selected storyteller will be trained by Mr. Vikram Sridhar, a professional storyteller. Following training, the trained storyteller will then perform at the conference, within a 5 minute slot.

How to apply?

  1. In order to submit your entry, please send us your story in any ONE of the above formats. Please collate your submission in a way that can be easily accessed (PDFs for text / photo format, and weblink for appropriate audio/video format).
  2. Please collate your submission files / links, and send them to us (via email : with subject line “Telling Tales Submission”.
  3. Deadline for sending your application : 31 Aug 2018 (1700h IST)
  4. Decisions on whether your application has been selected will be communicated to you in the first week of September.

Looking forward to receiving your applications!