Who’s Who in Conservation

The “Who’s Who in Conservation” session is a platform for conservation agencies including NGOs, research institutions and university departments to showcase their work. The session provides an opportunity for conference participants to learn about the work of these agencies as well as discuss possible career opportunities and collaborative work.

 Participating Organisations at SCCS-BNG 2019


Sr. No. Name of Organisation Website
1 Center for Ecological Studies http://ces.iisc.ac.in/new/
2 Wildlife Research and conservation society https://www.wrcsindia.org
3 Centre for Wildlife Studies https://cwsindia.org
4 Nature Mates-Nature Club http://naturematesindia.org/
5 Timbaktu Collective & Adavi Trust www.timbaktu.org, www.adavi.org
6 Freshwater Turtles and Tortoises of India (FTTI) https://indiabiodiversity.org/freshwater_turtles_and_tortoises_of_india_campaign/
7 PashooPakshee PashooPakshee.com
8 Madras Crocodile Bank Trust / Centre For Herpetology http://www.madrascrocodilebank.org/
9 EcoEdu https://ecoedu.in
10 Keystone Foundation https://keystone-foundation.org/
11 Current Conservation https://www.currentconservation.org/
12 Equitable Tourism Options (EQUATIONS) www.equitabletourism.org
13 Wellcome Trust DBT India Alliance https://www.indiaalliance.org/
14 EDGE of Existence Programme, Zoological Society of London https://www.edgeofexistence.org
15 School of Anthropology and Conservation https://www.kent.ac.uk/anthropology-conservation/about
16 WORLD WIDE FUND FOR NATURE www.wwfindia.org
17 Appiko (Zazu Wildlife Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) appiko.org
18 Dakshin Foundation www.dakshin.org
19 Mongabay India http://india.mongabay.com
20 SPROUTS Environment Trust sproutsonline@gmail.com
21 Technology for Wildlife www.techforwildlife.com
22 Upstream Ecology www.upstreamecology.org
23 Museum and Field Station facility (MFS), National Centre for Biological Sciences https://www.ncbs.res.in/research-facilities/museum-fieldstations
24 Nature Conservation Foundation www.ncf-india.org
25 Wildlife Trust of India https://www.wti.org.in/
26 People for Animals, Bangalore peopleforanimalsbangalore.org
27 Wildlife Conservation Society http://www.wcsindia.org/