Workshop: An introduction to eBird and eBirding

Presented by Do you enjoy watching birds? Do you like keeping notes while birding? Do you want to make birding relevant to the larger understanding of birds? Then this is the workshop for you. eBird, an online, checklist-based program has gained popularity among birders all over the world. It is a platform for submitting checklists, keeping your records intact and for exploring data on birds. In this workshop we will guide you through using eBird and explain how data collected from citizens is extremely powerful in understanding our birds. We will also present some preliminary results to illustrate the various analyses that can be performed using eBird data. Main aims and goal: To introduce participants to eBird an online checklist based program.  To encourage birders, researchers to document their sightings and make it available for research which will help in basic understanding of bird ecology as well for their conservation. Target audience:Individuals who are interested in birds and birdwatching. What will the student get out of the workshop? An idea of how contributing to the online bird checklists program helps in understanding the basic ecological parameters such as distribution and abundance as well as to understand the seasonal patterns of movements of birds.  An idea of how to visualize the information they have collected or generated by various birders using eBird. Workshop organisers:P. Jeganathan, Rohit Chakravarty, Garima Bhatia, and Raman Kumar