Making effective presentations

Rathnavel Pandian   Basic • Presentations • PowerPoint • Slides • Legibility on screen • Scientific communication • 25 Seats • Short • Starts at 14:00 - 16:30 on DAY 4

As budding researchers, most of the presentations we give and attend are critiqued based on the data and subject of the presentation. The ways of presentations are often taken for granted, and least critiqued in science circles. This workshop offers a different, holistic perspective that focuses deeply on “why” we make a presentation, understanding of which would organically lead us to “how” we should make an effective presentation. The workshop will introduce unique perspectives such as philosophy of giving a presentation (utilitarianism), interpretivism (many truths) and how it relates to making the presentation effective. Though researchers are often trained on basics of giving presentations such as “using big, effective fonts”, “minimizing text in slides”, etc., this workshop will enable the researcher to go deeper in understanding what makes a good presentation stick in our mind. Besides that, the workshop will also focus on how to be a good academic audience in a scientific presentation, as often personal comments are disguised as questions. The workshop will also help the researchers learn to develop a framework of creating presentations, which will reduce the time for making them without loss in quality. 

What will the participants get out of the workshop?

  1. Basic “Do”s and “Don’t”s of a presentation
  2. How NOT to do a science presentation
  3. Philosophy of utilitarianism, and how it is helpful in science presentations
  4. Concepts of positivism and interpretivism – how it relates to science presentations
  5. Importance of repetition through rephrasing in science presentations
  6. How to ask meaningful, good questions as an audience in science presentations
  7. Criteria for deciding which data to use in a presentation and which to discard