Venue: J N Tata Auditorium, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc) is better known as 'Tata Institute' in Bengaluru. Use 'Tata Institute' when communicating with the taxi, auto drivers, and bus conductors. IISc is about 35 km from the new Bengaluru airport, Kempegowda International Airport (KIAL) which serves both domestic and international flights.

Basic Taxi Services

The most efficient way to reach IISc campus is by using cabs. Please download and install apps on your smartphones to avoid last-minute hassles. In Bengaluru agencies such as 'Uber', 'Ola' and 'Meru' are the most popular. Using 'Ola' you can also book auto rickshaws.

 Kaviya City Taxi: +91 9342823636 | 080-23513333

 Meru: +91 80-44224422

 EasyCab: +91 80-43434343

 Cel Cabs: +91 80-60609090

 Ola Cabs: +91 80-33553355

 Fast Track: +91 080-2888 9999

 You pay at the end of the journey based on the metered charge. Credit card payment with a printed receipt facility is available.

Airport Shuttle Service

To get to IISc from the airport, you can use KIAS Route 10, and get down at the 'Tata Institute' drop point. You can also use KIA Route 9 to get down at ‘Mekhri Circle’ bus stop and then take an auto from there to ‘Tata Institute’, which is the name by which autorickshaw and cab drivers tend to know IISc.

Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) runs buses from various points of the city every 15-60 minutes to the Bengaluru Kempegowda International Airport (KIAL). More information about airport buses is available here:

Contact details:

 BMTC Control Room: Telephone No: +91 80-2295 2522 / +91 80-2295 2422

 BMTC, Kempegowda Bus Stand: Telephone No: +91 80-2295 2311 / +91 80-2295 2314

 BMTC, Shivajinagar Bus Stand: Telephone No: +91 80-2295 2321 / +91 80-2295 2324

Auto rickshaws

Autos are a convenient mode of transport as they are easily available and can be flagged down in any part of the city. Most of the drivers are affable, honest and multilingual. Apart from the local language (Kannada) most of the drivers are conversant in Hindi, and English. While one can hail an auto directly, you can download the Namma Yatri app which is specific to Bengaluru and the best app in the city for local travel by auto. If you are hailing an auto without using an aggregator app, then you may want to keep in mind that when operated out of city limits and between 2200 and 0500 hours, auto the charges are negotiated, and one and a half times the normal metere reading, but more often negotiated with the driver. Wherever possible, use of prepaid auto service is recommended. Autos can be booked using apps such as Ola, Uber, Rapido & Namma Yatri.

Getting to IISc from the Main Railway Station

The main railway station in Bengaluru is called KSR Bengaluru City which is about 7 km from IISc. The railway station and the main bus stand (called Majestic and Kempegowda Bus station) are opposite to each other. Prepaid auto rickshaw facility is available at the KSR Bengaluru City Railway Station. You could tell the person at the pre-paid counter that you are travelling to Tata Institute. A trip to IISc may cost about Rs. 90 to 100. Travel by auto rickshaws between 10:00 p.m. and 06:00 a.m. will cost 50% more. You can also use the bus services from the Majestic bus station: Bus Route Numbers. 252 E, 258 C, 271 E, 273 C, 275, 276, 99 A and B . Alight at TATA INSTITUTE Bus Stop.

Getting to IISc from the Cantonment Railway Station

Another important railway station in Bengaluru is Cantonment Railway Station, also known as Bengaluru Cantt. The distance from this station to IISc is almost the same as the Bengaluru City railway station and it also has a prepaid auto rickshaw facility. You can also use the bus services from the bus stop just opposite to the station. Bus Route Numbers. 94 A and E, 252 A, 270 A, 272, 276 A.

Getting to IISc from the Yeshwantpur Railway Station

Yeshwantpur is a small railway station, located within Bengaluru, but it is NOT the main railway station of Bengaluru. One good thing about Yeshwantpur is that it is very close to IISc, but only some trains stop here. The auto rickshaw ride from Yeshwantpur to IISc will cost around Rs. 6550. The station has two exits; the main entrance/exit near platform 6 has a prepaid auto stand.