Date: 11th October (Conference Day-3)
Time: 8 pm IST onwards
Where: Online Meet

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The meeting link and associated resources will be shared via email with all those who register.

Do you work in nature conservation or the climate movement and self-identify as a Neurodivergent individual? Neurodivergent (ND) is an umbrella term for several neurological conditions (and not diseases or disorders) like being Autistic, Bipolar, having ADHD, BPD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dyspraxia, OCD, Synesthesia, Tourettes etc.

Come be a part of this small virtual gathering of misfits and beautiful brains at SCCS-Bng ‘23 that work towards nature conservation. A safe space where you can share your lived experiences and struggles about being differently wired and find people with similar stories.

This is NOT a Workshop. Not a Talk. Not a sensitization lecture. This is Only a safe space by NDs (Neurodivergents) for NDs to get to know one another and find community and support.

The space will be moderated by a neurodivergent wildlife illustrator and an experienced autistic counsellor who specialises in neurodivergence.

This will be an online meeting. It is up to you whether you display your name, keep your camera on or off, choose to speak and share or be silently present, either way you are most welcome. This is a closed gathering. We will keep your identities safe.

Friends, family and people who believe in us Neurodivergents (NDs) are very important parts of our life. But dear Allies, this Circle is Only for people identifying as NDs in the conservation and climate space. Please show your love by sharing this post in your work circles.

The ND Circle is for people who directly and indirectly work in environmental conservation and climate. This includes students, practitioners, educators, administrators, communicators, artists and so on.

“Everyone is different. There is no single 'right' way when it comes to how we think, learn and behave.”

“Neurodiversity is a concept that describes these differences, their strengths and their challenges. It is also a social movement working to reduce stigmas around the conditions associated with them.”

“Being neurodivergent means having a brain that is wired differently and thus works differently from the average or ‘neurotypical’ person.”

[Just FYI some NDs prefer to call their neurodivergence a disability while some choose to not call it that; and our community accepts both perspectives.]