SCCS-Bengaluru 2020 is co-organised and hosted by the Indian Institute of Science, National Centre for Biological Sciencesand Nature Conservation Foundation.

The core responsibilities are handled by the Organising Committee with support from an Advisory Committee and an Administrative & Support Team. Aside from these teams, a huge number of volunteers dedicate their time to ensuring the smooth day-to-day running of the conference.

Organising Committee

  • Abinand Reddy (Nature Conservation Foundation)
  • Marianne Manuel (Dakshin Foundation)
  • Nupur Kale (Wildlife Conservation Society)
  • Siddhartha Krishnan (Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment)
  • Sukumar R (Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science)
  • Suhel Quader (Nature Conservation Foundation)
  • Uma Ramakrishnan (National Centre for Biological Sciences)
  • Umesh Srinivasan (Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science)
  • Vani Sreekanta (Dakshin Foundation)

Administrative & Support Team

  • Aamish Mohammed (Conference Administrator)
  • Alpcord Network Events & Conferences Management Company Pvt Ltd (Conference Administrator)
  • Smita Prabhakar, Vinay Hegde, Shivkumar (Nature conservation Foundation)
  • S. Nirmala (Centre for Ecological Sciences, Indian Institute of Science)
  • Bhavya S, Allwyn R., PP Ranjith, SB Saraswati(National Centre for Biological Sciences)

Advisory and Welfare Council

  • Arshiya Bose
  • Hari Sreedhar
  • Jayshree Ratnam
  • Kavita Isvaran
  • MD Madhusudhan

Advisory Committee

  • Advait Edgaonkar (Indian Institute of Forest Management)
  • Asmita Kabra (Ambedkar University Delhi)
  • Deepak Apte (Bombay Natural History Society)
  • Firoz Ahmed (Aaranyak)
  • Ghazala Shahabuddin (Senior fellow at Centre for Ecology, Development and Research (CEDAR))
  • Gopi Sundar (International Crane Foundation and Nature Conservation Foundation)
  • Kamal Bawa (University of Massachusetts & Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology)
  • Krithi Karanth (Executive Director, Centre for Wildlife Studies, Bangalore(CWS)
  • K.V. Devi Prasad (Head, Dept. of Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Pondicherry University)
  • Mewa Singh (Mysore University)
  • Nitin Rai (Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment)
  • Ravi Bhalla (Foundation for Ecological Research, Advocacy and Learning)
  • Rhys Green (SCCS - Cambridge)
  • Sejal Worah (WWF-India)
  • Shomita Mukherjee (Sálim Ali Centre for Ornithology and Natural History, Coimbatore)
  • VB Mathur (National Biodiversity Authority)