Date: 9th October (Conference Day-1)
Venue: JN Tata Auditorium

Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Workplace Safety in Ecology and Conservation

At SCCS–Bengaluru, we want to address the collective concerns of ecologists and wildlife practitioners about the welfare and safety of individuals within these fields with regards to sexual harassment. Working in these fields throws up unique challenges associated with navigating diverse contexts and situations, across remote and multiple field sites, and overall, in non-conventional work spaces. We recognise that the problem of sexual harassment and safety in workplaces is a systemic one and needs to be tackled actively – from ensuring a higher level of awareness and understanding the needs of the wildlife community, to taking steps towards zero tolerance towards all forms of harassment and discrimination across all organisations and institutions.

Join us for a session that aims to set a precedent for all workspaces within the conservation fields.

A mandatory session for all participants of SCCS-Bengaluru 2023